What is ISLE ?


A network of surgical innovations can be found in ISLE. Dedicated to its education-driven mission, ISLE provides the opportunity to the participants to meet and be at the center of innovative and progressive medical technologies.

ISLE is motivated by a pioneering spirit which brings ISLE to the first line of medical developments which are rapidly growing, as:

  • Robotic Surgery
  • Cardiovascular advanced instrumentation
  • Navigation
  • MIS


The introduction of simulators has improved the robotic-assisted surgery and Mi over the last 10 years. ISLE offers this great opportunity to physicians, fellows and OR staffs with effective special designed training programs by our experienced training team. ISLE has all the appropriate human and technical recourses in order to design dedicated dry lab and simulation curriculums according to the trainee needs.

ISLE has a special dry lab operating room housing a robotic system and simulation equipment

Dry Lab & Simulation training programs:


Our highly experienced staff has already designed and created the appropriate platforms and projects for medical advanced learning in our innovative medical environment. Focusing on e-learning and online websites, live case observations and medical lectures by surgeons or physicians, ISLE has its own infrastructure and knowledge in order to discover, support and improve such kind of learning opportunities.

Our collaboration with other international training centers and hospitals makes ISLE a real “station” for our medical learning ecosystem! Websites for innovative medical technologies:


Our Ecosystem of Innovation and Learning

ISLE medical learning facility is the meeting point of the most innovative Life-Saving Technologies and the optimal environment for simulation and on-line training, an e-learning platform, classroom study, lectures and medical events.

It is built upon a high-definition multi-media platform with a TV customizable video wall and international broadcasting capabilities.

Our philosophy is that our Ecosystem of Innovation and Learning should be easily become the key to empower as many Healthcare Professionals and also the key to provide knowledge and awareness to as many patients in South East Europe.

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