In our 25 years of existence, we have always treasured the Value of Learning, and the hundreds of training activities we organized contributed to the development of more than 3,000 Healthcare Professionals.

Along the way, together with increasingly more partners, we validated the assumption of Lifelong Learning as tool of paramount importance in relation with Healthcare Professionals, institutions and industry.

Aiming to empower healthcare professionals with the most reliable Ecosystem of Innovation, Simulation & Learning was the main reason behind the opening of the Athens ISLE, the first learning hub readily available for all surgeons who believe in the value of high-end medical technology and wish to test their ideas and practice their skills in an environment recreating a modern operating theatre.

Observing how well the Athens ISLE was received and utilized by the medical and academic community in Greece, we are investing in the second ISLE, which will be delivered in Bucharest.
So, starting with the 1st of August 2019, we will welcome the fans of medical Innovation at 169, FLOREASCA STREET, in BUCHAREST ISLE, a new living proof that we stick to our promise of being a real education-driven organization in the New Europe.

Quantum Robotics visit at SofMedica ISLE Athens

SofMedica ISLE Athens ( has welcomed with great pleasure on May 23 the visit of the students from Quantum Robotics (, the beneficiaries of the special award SofMedica offered for the BRD First Tech Challenge ( robotics contests.

The students were fascinated by our innovative robotic surgery system, very enthusiastic about having the opportunity to try it out for themselves, and eager to learn as much as they could about this technology.

Their exploratory journey in Athens continued the next day, on May 24, with the visit at one of our partners, Hygeia Hospital, where they had the opportunity to attend a live surgery with the Da Vinci robotic surgery system.

We wish them good luck in all their future endeavors and maybe, in a few years, we will welcome them again as young professionals.Video Player

Inauguration of SofMedica ISLE in Athens​

ISLE translates to an open source Ecosystem, a platform readily available to any HCP fascinated by the healthcare of the future, a means of creating virtual bridges with the best ORs in Europe and USA for the benefit of the medical community in SEE.

We are excited to set another stepping stone in our mission to empower the Healthcare Professionals in SEE with the most reliable Ecosystem of Innovation & Learning: the inauguration of SofMedica ISLE in Athens.

Aiming for patients in SEE to have access to the same innovative treatments and high quality of care, our purpose with ISLE is to train surgeons like airplane pilots, using hands-on simulator programs for the most innovative technologies we provide.

And all these are made possible by the power of the team standing by the surgeons in our region with all the necessary support, no matter the time, the weather or the circumstances. Because, at the end of the day, the commitment of everyone involved to the group effort is what makes everything work out for the best.