Occlusion of incompetent veins

This unique procedural module provides the trainee with the opportunity to practice key steps of the occlusion of incompetent veins in patients with superficial venous reflux with the ClariVein®OC specialty infusion catheter. 

The module provides a comprehensive educational solution including interactive step-by-step procedural guidance, anatomy identification, video-based curriculum and comprehensive performance reports.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this education program is to facilitate the discussion on chronic venous insufficiency with a special focus on endovascular approaches. Discussion will include review of the different techniques and tools for specific cases, with a special focus on MOCA (mechanical occlusion chemically assisted).

Educational Objectives

Educational Methods


2 hours

Program Details

Welcome & Review of Objectives

Anatomy & Physiology

ClariVein Family of Infusion Catheters

Hands on Procedural Training

Ultrasound Scanning

Published Clinical Evidence

Wrap Up

Commonly Used Techniques for Treating Disease of the Peripheral Vasculature

Common Procedure Room Practices

Table Set-up