Automatic Suturing

This unique procedural module provides the trainee with the opportunity to practice key steps of the automatic suturing in cardiovascular surgical applications, such as suturing valve prosthesis and rings in aortic, mitral and tricuspid positions.

The module provides a comprehensive educational solution including interactive step-by-step procedural guidance, anatomy identification, video-based curriculum and comprehensive performance reports.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this education program is to facilitate the discussion on automatic suturing, which will help surgeons around the world to deliver a strong, secure and reliable fastener.

Educational Objectives

  • Understand technical challenges of suturing in cardiovascular surgical application
  • Understand how automatic suturing offers an alternative to traditional methods

Educational Methods

  • Live operative case observation
  • Didactic lectures and discussion with question and answer sessions
  • Hands-on facilities (Demo kit, wet lab)


1 hour

Program Details

Welcome & Review of Objectives

Product Characteristics

Indicated and Intended Use of the Product

Clinical Studies Overview

Step-by-step procedure (for scrub nurses)

Step-by-step procedure (for surgeons)


Wrap Up