Aortic Valve Repair

This unique procedural module provides the trainee with the opportunity to practice key steps of the aortic valve repair during repair procedures for aortic valve insufficiency or valve-sparing aortic root procedures using a device that will simplify and standardize the aortic valve repair technique.

The module provides a comprehensive educational solution including interactive step-by-step procedural guidance, anatomy identification, video-based curriculum and comprehensive performance reports.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this education program is to facilitate the discussion on aortic valve repair, which will help surgeons around the world to master a technique that will offer better outcomes for patients by enabling aortic valve repair for aortic insufficiency.

Educational Objectives

Educational Methods


Didactic session (45 min)

Program Details

Welcome & Review of Objectives

Product Presentation

Standardized Annuloplasty Technique



Root Restoration Procedure

Applicable Conditions

Clinical Studies

Wrap Up