EndoVascular Aneurysm Repair &
Sealing (EVAR & EVAS)

This unique procedural module provides the trainee with the opportunity to practice key steps of the complex endovascular aortic aneurysm repair and sealing procedure with the ENDOLOGIX products (AFX2-NELLIX-OVATION*).

The module provides a comprehensive educational solution including interactive step-by-step procedural guidance, anatomy identification, video-based curriculum and comprehensive performance reports.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this education program is to facilitate the discussion on Aortic aneurysm management with a special focus on endovascular approaches. Discussion will include review of the different techniques and tools for specific cases, with a special focus on AFX2, Nellix and Ovation*.

Educational Objectives

  • Understand technical challenges of Aortic aneurysm repair/sealing
  • Understand how anatomical fixation offers an alternative to challenging patient cases

Educational Methods

  • L ive operative case observation and pre-operative planning and sizing of participants future cases
  • Didactic lectures and discussion with question and answer sessions
  • Hands-on facilities (Demo kit, simulator)


3 hours per product

*Ovation, both as a product and as a training module, is only available to Romanian and Bulgarian customers

AFX2 Program Details

Welcome & Review of Objectives

What is AFX?

  • History of the Graft
  • The Anatomical Fixation

Targeting Patients ​

  • IFU & Patient Selection
  • Ideal Anatomies

Case Planning & Device Selection

Intelix Practice

Wrap Up

How it’s made

  • Graft
  • Delivery System

AFX in the practice

  • Video Animation
  • Step-by-Step Deployment

Hands on the Device | Deployments


Nellix Program Details

Welcome & Review of Objectives

Introduction to EVAS

  • The concept of total sealing
  • IFU
  • Patient Selection

Procedure Overview ​

  • Back Table Preparation
  • Sizing & product Selection

Nellix Best Practices and Discussion

Sizing and Case Planning

  • Sizing & product Selection
  • Intelix

Device Overview

  • Endograft
  • Polymer
  • Delivery System

Nellix Deployments

Nellix Troubleshooting

Nellix Procedure Review and Discussion

Clinical Studies Overview

Wrap Up

Ovation Program Details

(only available to Romanian and Bulgarian customers)

Welcome & Review of Objectives


  • The concept of total sealing
  • IFU
  • Patient Selection

Procedural Best Practices Recap

  • Best Practices to Optimise Seal

Hands On

  • EVAR Ancillary Devices

Procedural Considerations


Step-by-Step Intelix

Ovation iX Anatomy of the Catheter

Endoleak Detection

Patient Selection and sizing introduction

  • Live cases review and discussion

Advanced Procedural Considerations

  • Blister effect
  • Slow fill / No fill
  • Difficulty to de-mate
  • Siamese Limbs
  • Other considerations

Ovation Marketing Overview

Wrap Up