EndoVascular Aneurysm Repair &
Sealing (EVAR & EVAS)

This unique procedural module provides the trainee with the opportunity to practice key steps of the complex endovascular aortic aneurysm repair and sealing procedure with the ENDOLOGIX products (AFX2-NELLIX-OVATION*).

The module provides a comprehensive educational solution including interactive step-by-step procedural guidance, anatomy identification, video-based curriculum and comprehensive performance reports.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this education program is to facilitate the discussion on Aortic aneurysm management with a special focus on endovascular approaches. Discussion will include review of the different techniques and tools for specific cases, with a special focus on AFX2, Nellix and Ovation*.

Educational Objectives

Educational Methods


3 hours per product

*Ovation, both as a product and as a training module, is only available to Romanian and Bulgarian customers

AFX2 Program Details

Welcome & Review of Objectives

What is AFX?

Targeting Patients ​

Case Planning & Device Selection

Intelix Practice

Wrap Up

How it’s made

AFX in the practice

Hands on the Device | Deployments


Nellix Program Details

Welcome & Review of Objectives

Introduction to EVAS

Procedure Overview ​

Nellix Best Practices and Discussion

Sizing and Case Planning

Device Overview

Nellix Deployments

Nellix Troubleshooting

Nellix Procedure Review and Discussion

Clinical Studies Overview

Wrap Up

Ovation Program Details

(only available to Romanian and Bulgarian customers)

Welcome & Review of Objectives


Procedural Best Practices Recap

Hands On

Procedural Considerations


Step-by-Step Intelix

Ovation iX Anatomy of the Catheter

Endoleak Detection

Patient Selection and sizing introduction

Advanced Procedural Considerations

Ovation Marketing Overview

Wrap Up