da Vinci Surgery Online Community

The da Vinci Surgery Online Community (“dVOC”) is a Social Network operated by Intuitive Surgical

A Community where practitioners of da Vinci Surgery come to discover new techniques, create conversations and build their own network of colleagues from the da Vinci Surgery community.

Membership to this site is free, but is restricted to practitioners, personnel or residents/fellows connected to, or in the process of considering investment in, a da Vinci Surgery program. Sing-up and validate your account to access content such as text, information, images, video, training materials, blogs, forums, software and other information, services and materials.


Incision gives people access to shared experiences, skills and expertise. Provide tools to get a quicker and more thorough preparation for the OR.
Structuring the steps it takes to perform surgery.

Smart learning tools

Evaluate your knowledge by taking a test. In each course you’ll find valuable content including pre/post-operative chapters, objectives and learning goals.

High quality visualization

Every procedure is filmed from a surgeon’s point of view and available in 3D. Our anatomical highlights and 3D inlays provide a better understanding of different anatomical structures.

Endorsed production

Developed according to international guidelines. It’s supervised by senior surgeons. Accredited as an institution by leading establishments such as the RCSE.