In Service Surgeon training for da Vinci Xi

This training session is part of Phase II of the da Vinci Technology Training Pathway. The session contains hands-on training to surgeons (console & first assistant) during the da Vinci Xi System In-service. The in-service follows the Operating Room work flow that occurs with use of the da Vinci Xi System.

Discussions and demonstrations conducted by the facilitator or sales representative.

The duration of In Service Surgeons Training is 4 to 5 hours included coffee breaks and meal.

Program details

  • Welcome-Presentation
  • System Component Overview
  • Patient Cart Overview
  • Instruments and Accessories Overview
  • Coffee Break (5 minutes)
  • Port Placement and Docking
  • ERBE VIO dV Generator Setup
  • Intraoperative Setup and Use
  • Surgeon Console Interaction
  • Troubleshooting
  • Coffee Break (5 minutes)
  • Successful Implementation of da Vinci Surgery Program
  • Instructions for Online Training (online assessment)
  • Wrap Up